Jan 30, 2009
Acton Ontario
2006 Vert
OK That's enough with "Winter Storage"!!!
With this awesome looking weather forecast for the next week, its time to Get the OBSESHON Vette out of Hibernation and get the Driving Season Started!!!!! :coolgleam:
The insurance goes back on tomorrow & I'm ready to roll.:canada:

Anyone else getting theirs out, or are you already driving your Vette?
Put insurance on mine Last Friday, now just waiting for the weather to shape up......
Awesome Mark -- I've had enough too and insurance will be back on within 2 weeks.
It's 'vette weather for sure!

You decide on whether to go 'shopping' or not yet?
I'm green as well, 10 inches of snow in the last two days with some of the main hiways closed last night stranding people for up to four hours. Vettes in storage for at least a month yet.
This weekend is supposed to be nice.....13 on Sunday

May take mine out for its first drive of the season :canada:
Just got back from a nice little 50k run.
Man it feels good to be back in the Vette.:driving:

Looking forward to a nice hard rain tomorrow. Looks like a great driving weekend.:canada:
16c the other day and today snow, as a compromise I just might take the cover off so I have some eye candy to look at.

Same here Wayne -- dirty snow right now but it's melting as it lands and temps will rise in the next day or 2 to 15 or so.
It is still winter tho - so we must expect a few hiccups.

Enjoy the 'eye candy'.

Lookin' real good all week here. Only downer is Monday which brings rain all day. The rest of the week is just fine tho -- 15 to 20 all week and lots of sun.

I like it I like it.

Enjoy the ride tomorrow.

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