My daily has a slow leak where the rear axle shaft goes into the diff. (Suzuki SX4 AWD). The oil seal is NLA from any dealer that still could service Suzuki automobiles.

Luckily the parts listing shows the dimensions of the seal (35x52x8). I found a Honda oil seal showing the exact same sizing. So is an oil seal an oil seal between manufacturers if they have the same sizing?

The Honda seal is actually a front crank seal for a small engine (GX390). Would there be an issue using the Honda seal for my diff knowing the diff is using 75w90 gear oil vs. probably 5 or 10w30 oil for the Honda small engine?

Ouch. I have no idea. You would think that a seal for 10-30 would be fine for 75-90 weight. Do you have a Napa or Auto Value or a Lordco down there? They may be able to supply or source the Suzuki seal.
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If you can find the part number on the seal, you could call auto parts stores to check with cross reference. If the part still on the car, call the dealer for the right part number, this is they way I do with Suzuki, they are great car but parts are getting harder to locate. Another place I would try is a transmission / differential shop, they have specific suppliers who may help.

Good luck
A lot of searching, a lot of hunting and I found the updated oil seals and rear axle flanges on ebay.

Suzuki years ago had a tech bulletin updating these 2 parts to better deal with winter snow and salt. I thought they were NLA but it turns out some seller on ebay has them FS and I bought 2 of them, will get them in about a week's time.

So instead of just replacing the oil seals but reusing the old flanges (which probably has major corrosion on the surface that contacts the inside diameter of the seal), I'll have new items in that area to last quite a while.

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