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Mar 12, 2011
1971 LT-1/1987 Verts
Hello ...... purchased a 71 LT-1 Vette last year and looking for 10W30 high zinc oil, correct AC Delco PF25 white oil filter and correct AC Delco air filter (AC-143). I am just south of Barrie and would like to know if there is any place local where i can purchase. If not, what is the best place to order from in the US.

There must be a GM OEM parts wholesaler who can sell that to you, or even a dealer. Even though it's a '71, they should be able to source it for you. Dealers can be expensive but when you factor in the US/Can. exchange rate and any cross-border fees, you may come out ahead at a dealership. If nothing else, contact the Alberta on-line GM OEM wholesaler to see what they have and can do for you; I know they ship for a reasonable fee. I suspect others from Ontario will chime in with better advice. Good luck!

PS: don't be shy and post pics of your C3 if not already done!
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Thanks Guys ........ there's an APC in Barrie so i will start there.


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