Feb 17, 2009
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2001 Z-51 Coupe
Had the Dasilva Motorsport transporter show up today---taking the baby away to get a little massage!!

After a long winter slumber!!

Her first time in the snow!!!

In she goes!!!

Manny in to strap her in !!!!

Classy looking rig!!--Got lots of neighbours out!!!!
Off to Superchargerville !!!!!!!!!
Wow, that brings back memories of my GS's trip to Manny's in February of '13 -- He and Rob came by to pick her up and she got the same "Supercharger" treatment at the 'Spa' .......

You gonna have a fun summer with that baby when she's done at Manny's.

Looking sooo forward to this Arun!!!!!!

You had that much hp b4? -- I hadn't when I got my GS back and believe me I was AMAZED.:eek: (Mine is about 750 at the crank and about 614 at the wheels).

It certainly made me think when I hit the loud pedal.:driving:

Keep us up on developments and thanks for sharing.

Good thing we moved the vette---a day later I had a pipe freeze in the garage--had to open up the header and heat up with a hair dryer---with the vette there it would be darn near impossible!! Just need to take down some drywall and re-insulate now!!!! Things always happen for a reason !!!!!:coolgleam:
Oh Mr. Willy :D

Meth and Pillar gauges tomorrow ...Arun tune this week :canada:
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