Jun 8, 2009
2002 C5
What does everybody do to prep their vette for storage?

I have located a dry secure inside spot for my vette and wish to do what I can to help ensure problem free start up next year. Plans are to have it in storage from early November until early April.

All fluid levels will be topped up, tire pressures checked, ensure the coolant will perform up to minus 40 degrees celcius, fill the gas tank adding fuel stabilizer and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. I have also heard a couple of times that soaking a some cotton balls with mint extract and placing in a dish on the floor of the interior and under the hood will help keep mice away as they do not like the minty scent but this may be urban legend. It will then be blanketed with a breathable flannel cover I purchased as well.

I know that it is still a long way off but I want to make sure I'm properly prepared this year as I always seem to wait too long then scramble at the end.
I top up all the fluids, fill the gas tank(s) and add a can of Seafoam, and pump the tires up to the max stated pressure. I leave the battery connected and put a charger on it once a month. One additional thing I do is flip the breaker for the heating boiler in my shop so I can sit in the car with a tee shirt on and pretend its summer. :D
i am going to keep mine in the garage. my wife's suv can just get snowy. i like the styrofoam idea, u can actually buy rounded plastic wheel holders from corvette central but the styrofoam sounds easier. i am also going to start the car once a week and let it run for 20 minutes. I will also treat all the rubber seals around doors, hatch and hood with the lithium grease stuff you buy from gm to stop squeaks.
I like the idea of removing the battery but it is a royal pain in the a** and will not have access to the car during winter to top up the battery with a charger. Excellent advice on the styrofoam under the wheels.

P.S. I knew I was going to take some heat on bringing up storage.
I like to change the oil before winter so that there is new oil without the acids and other combustion byproducts sitting in the pan. Other people like to change it after winter as the oil can accumulate condensation (if not in a heated garage). I figure one good drive in the spring and all the condensation will have evaporated, so that I why I do the fall oil change.
The other thing I do is buy a bag of that stuff (silica gel?) that pulls moisture out of the air and I hang a small bag of this in the car with something to catch the drips, then hang a larger bag in the garage (also with something below it to catch the drips) so that it pulls the extra moisture out of the garage air. This is not as important in winter as it is in spring when everything starts to melt. You can buy this stuff at most RV dealers.
What, you guys put yours away in the winter??:eek:

Just teasing, this pic was my last drive and the roads were dry .
I usually top up the tank, add sta bil, disconnect the battery, change oil/filter, grease it and cover it.

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