i'm more of a carburetor and distributor guy and don't fully understand the newer stuff. but how can a dealer justify a $100. dollar charge to plug into the car when you can buy one of these for 80 bucks ??? :confused:

Yeah it sounds a bit outrageous -- and is really. They justify it saying that their 'scanner tools' are quite complex and expensive: in the thousands of $$$ range and can diagnose better.
For most of us backyard mechanics a small, cheap handheld unit is just fine and can tell us most of what we need to know.

just saw this.... crap...needed one and missed this sale !

Colin, email me these great deals amigo so I don't miss them, not on here enough

too busy saving crazy boaters !

Hey Duff,
There's one on sale either at CTC or PartSource -- I've forgotten which now but it's the 3110 unit which regularly sells for $299 on for $199. I have this unit and like it.

emailed as requested also.


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