Well I like NASCAR but I can see Obama's point.

I'll bet your right, Corvette racing may be doomed!

This may be why Corvette is moving to the GT2 class. Other than they have no competition in GT1. :D The GT2 class is more similar to the production Z06 than GT1, well, kind-of anyway. The change could also be to kick the entire GT2 class :rofl:
The only part of the nascar that is a Chevy or Chrysler is the symbol on the front. But seriously, does Obama know that nascar is the biggest motorsport on earth and that it supports many peoples livings? Maybe instead of forcing Chevy and Chrysler out of nascar, he should force nascar to represent the cars that are on the road like how it was in the 60's.
I have to agree with Obama , the millions of dollars they will be given should go to saving the company and not spending it on racers and such . After they are in the green as per say i can see them getting back into Nascar. So does anyone know if they even have to slowlly give back any money if they start to come out of the recesion or not?
Man do I love Obama,some times during real hardships you need to make decidions that are not always going to be popular. Our current PM, not so good( i guess thats the Canadian way) However I was happy to hear that he is having Tea with the Queen today!! That should help save peoples jobs and families:swear:

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