Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
an organization i belong to, ontario nostalgia drag racers, is having an event at shannonville on sept. 14. i'll be going along with a couple of buddies. next year i hope to have a car prepped and ready to run at least a part season. drag racing as it should be for us jurassic boys !!! no electronics, no nitrous, foot brake launches :D a local guy has a 40 willys alcohol burning big inch injected big block.....runs in the 7's :eek:

Elwood still has his early '60s Corvette that he brings out to the Bridgenorth cruise night on occasion. I think it still has the tires that were on it in the '70s. Roger, Roy, Al, Spanky and a couple other cruise night regulars also are involved in the ONDR. I'd like to go to Shannonville to watch in September. I'll put it on my Calendar. Thanks for the heads up.
We'll be driving our plastic toy. The sky is getting a little brighter here already. The sun is trying to shine just a little. I just put a hex on the rain, so all will be well this afternoon. :D
The Studebaker belongs to Roy, a friend of mine. ONDR has races at Shannonville September 14 and I wouldn't mind going. Haven't been there in a few years. Spanky has another Thames like his original one and he is fixing it up to be a drag car. He had at the Cruise Night at Noones today doing a couple of burnouts for the crowd. Perfect weather too. Roger's straight axle '38 Chev with 455 Buick power is running 11.40s. These guys have a barrel of fun.
that would've been pretty neat to see spanky light em up !!! :coolgleam: there's nothing like the seeing the old school gassers in action. some of the ondr boys are running 60's front engine dragsters too !!!
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Yes, that's Spankys new race car done with the nostalgia look racing in mind. The other one, done more as a show car in the beginning, is going back on the street I understand. It is a pretty big dollar car done very nicely inside and out, with a quick change rearend and some serious hp under the hood.
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