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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
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I'm not sure if this was picked up on but I sure got a chuckle! All that money and what does he dream of.........?

FORT MCMURRAY, Alta. - A man from Fort McMurray, Alta., will forever consider Friday the 13th 2012 his lucky day after winning nearly $22 million in last week's Lotto Max draw.

Chris Fowler says he often buys tickets at his local convenience store and picks them up on a whim.

Last Sunday he went to check his Friday ticket but couldn't understand what the automated machine was telling him so got a clerk to help him.

Within a few seconds they both realized he had won $21,771,980.30.

Fowler says he is still trying to digest his multimillion-dollar prize and hasn
Glad to hear that he won.....Sounds like he's nice enough to spread it around some. Good for him and his family and friends.

For sure he'll love the 'vette "he's always dreamed of"....Go get 'em Chris.

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Sweet! I have just the Corvette for him for only $220,000! Oops, I think I put an extra 0 in there.:D

That would be awesome and what a nice surprise. That would be cool if he joined us on the forum.
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