That is a great price. I have the NITTO Invos on my C5 and I paid a few hundred more than that through KAL tire

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How do you like them? I'm in need of some new fronts and these are on my short list.

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Why can't I make this math work?:

245/40/18 97w PAIRS ARE $149.99 EACH + TAX
285/35/19 99W PAIRS ARE $269.99 EACH +TAX

$899.99 SET OF FOUR

Is $899.99 a set of four a misprint?

A better deal for four than buying individually. The math doesn't work any other way. :(

Sorry Keith but I can't make it work any way.

Individually the tires cost $839.96

A set if 4 (according to the ad) costs 899.99

I expect it's a misprint and the 4 should be $799.99 --

Someone has posted the pricing backwards.

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