Feb 16, 2013
Oxford Mills, On
1981 C3 / 1988 C4
Got pulled over on I-81 on my way to AC.:( It was in Syracuse, in a 55mph zone, it was 65. I wasn't driving nuts, but was at around 120kph. He admitted he was pulling people over all morning, and I was actually pulled over behind another policeman issuing a ticket.:mad: He was very polite, asked where we were heading, and even inquired if I might get in trouble because I was in my marked work truck.:coolgleam: He returned with an "Excessive Noise" ticket, shock my hand and wished us a good day.:seeya: I was relieved, to say the least, as my clean record stays intact.:D
The traffic division is the money making division. Few fight a ticket in court. It's all profit. Catch a thief or drug dealer and it is all money going out. Still, you have no happy customers ever and that has to get depressing after a while. It takes its toll on them.
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