High pitched??? LOLLLL thats cause that motor spun to somewhere between 18 and 20 thousand RPM :D Crazy stuff... I saw a cut away working model on how the hydraulic valve train worked... WOW

IF I had the $$$ I'd buy the new 599 GTO just to hear the sound over and over. Check it out on youtube...
You can start a time share of an F1 car. It only requires everyone to chip in a dollar. I started one with a Lamborghini and am up to 3 people who are interested. I only need 399,997 more people in before I get the go-ahead!
I've been passed by a Z06 at full throttle, and it sounded incredible, but I also just recently followed an F43O Ferrari convertible and it sounded amazing.
The Ferrari is in a class of its own, but ya know what, so is Corvette, only one helluva a lot more affordable.
I wish I could afford a car that costs more than most people's houses! I think I would be the same person if I owned one and not a snuppie (snob + yuppie)...although it may be a bit lonely at the Canadian Ferrari Forums.:D

As for them not taking the time to even look at a Corvette, I have always just assume they are too busy to talk to someone with a common car...plus, I've never had a desire to talk with some who owns a Ferrari as I'm sure they're sick of answering the same questions over, and over, and over.

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