Sep 22, 2011
Royston B.C.
2000 Coupe Z51 6 spd
I just put on C6 polished aluminum rims with Michelin Pilot Super Sport non-runflats. :D Like the softer ride and grip of the Michelins but was expecting more reduction in noise so the Firestone Firehawks must be a fairly quiet run flat. Never drove with Goodyear run flats so had nothing to compare it with.

Used a 25 mm hub centric spacer on the rear wheels to bring them out even with the wheel opening. Without the spacer they look too wimpish.

Would like to lower it but would have to park at the bottom of the driveway, no way.

Will be putting my original rims and Firestone Firehawk tires for sale.

Might want to consider keeping the old tires for spares ,I'm glad I did ,had a major sidewall puncher on my RF Michelin right rear .Took me a week to get a replacement .The flat took place a long way from home and I waited 6 hours for my son to bring me a spare .

I like Michelin's AS ,they go great on snow and ice.
Very impressive, Ogopogo....her new shoes look great.

Steamer and I were through the Okanagan a couple weeks back on our way to our first stop in Calgary.
Was awestruck by the scenery through there. Also very impressive.:D

Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

Very cool upgrade! With the 25mm spacer, did you have to go with different studs or do the spacers bolt in with studs of their own? This is a something I have thought of doing in the future.
Thanks for the comments guys .

The tires are stock size for the C6 fronts - 245/40/18 and rears 285/35/19 so that might be considered plus sizing from C5 size.

I haven't tried them for squak since She who must be obeyed is with me most of the time ! I think they will take a bit more to get them to squak due to being a sticker tire.

The spacers are bolted to the hub using stock studs but had to cut off the unthreaded end of the stud so the the wheels would fit flush on the adapter. The adapter had studs on it.

I had them custom made by a company in Reno for $120 US for the pair. PM me if you want their contact info. Good people to talk to and he knew exactly what was needed. They will ship USPS. I had some adapters made last year for my Nissan Maxima and was impressed by their work. Very tight fit.
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