Hey Everyone!

I just want to let everyone know that if you are concerned about flat tires on the the road, one of our members, Brian (2009CGMZR1) is selling a great product called the Dynaplug Pro.

One of our threads to this product: http://www.canadiancorvetteforums.com/forums/general-corvette-discussion/5435-tire-repair.html

Brian's Website: dynaplugcanada.com

We hope to get a proper spot on the forum where you can order from, but until then:

**If you want to order one of these product from Brian, please send him a PM - 2009CGMZR1 **


Riley P

There ya go Riley- I was waiting for his approval to post it for him.
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Thanks Riley.

I worked on the web site yesterday, I will work on it more today.

With talking with Riley I will be doing an introductory club special starting in the next week.

Mr. Dent / BDL Motorsports main page

Shipping will be $8-10 cheaper then ordering from the USA. They will be sent Expedited which is 1-3 days in Western Canada and 4-7 days for Eastern Canadians.

I might do a $5 Xpresspost button for people in the east needing it faster... the west doesn't really need it that way.

I do have the compressors and replacement items in stock... not every item just yet.

Now, they do have cables that you can hook to a battery with eye hooks or clips. These tools are very popular with ATV owners as your out in the bush with no spare tires.

tell your friends as I will try keep shipping the one amount for multiple items.

I might do free shipping down the road with bigger orders... but probably not with the introductory discount.

I will throw my web site past head office tomorrow... and hope it will be active here by Monday night or Tuesday night.

Most of the shipping will be within 24 hours of ordering, same day for some.

I only will be doing PayPal at first and I do have a business location in Edmonton if you want to do it in person to save shipping. Debit, Visa, MC and cash in person.

I do have business cards being made, they won't be ready for the first orders.



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