Very interesting..... Allows you to change your boost level via touch control screen...No more changing pulleys...Very cool
Can I put one on my LQ9/LS1? It says July for LS3.

Variable boost was what I was looking for! I assume new brackets etc. from my PS1.
Looks great!!!! I wonder why it is vehicle/engine specific? Is it calibrated in the factory? Do you need to do three dyno tunes? One for each setting or does a calibration for the computer come with the unit? I imagine it would still need to be dyno tuned as not all people would have headers, the same heads, cams, etc.
Riley, I think if the tune is based off the MAP sensor rather than the MAF, then you can calibrate it for max boost and in the calibration has x fuel for x boost so anything less than max will be accounted for (like running 75% throttle etc.)

(I'm not the expert) (or a roll model)
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