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Aug 5, 2011
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Please welcome our friend (Steamer) Rob on the 'wet' coast who has just been 'promoted' to the status of Moderator and all that that entails.

He has graciously agreed to help out with issues and questions here for us and is a welcome addition to staff. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge both mechanical and otherwise and can be much assistance with whatever questions you may have.

Cheers Rob -- Welcome aboard and congrats, brother -- but most of all thanks for helping.

Holler if I can help.:canada::canada::canada:

Steamer/Rob.. Congrats...
It will be nice to have some support after those Easterners go to bed at 8PM/Pacific time??
It gets pretty quiet on here after 8.
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Well Rob I'm glad to see ya step up to the plate .This forum is going up hill while others are going down ,down ,down .

I'll do my best to behave but that is near impossible ,Elves are mischievous by nature .:D
happy to learn that you're willing to help Riley and Colin.
Riley will need folk with expertise in various areas as this site / forum grows.

We're hoping for some warmer weather down here, and soon !!

Take care, looking forward to seeing you at Manny's mid-May.

Hey Rob ,

Congrats on your new position as moderator . Great to have you here .

As Tony said .. looking forward to seeing you again . :canada:
Thanks guys, that means a lot to me. My biggest job on here will be to try and keep the spamming to a minimum. Usually being the last one on the forum at night I should be able to most of them at bay. This is one great forum for all things Corvette and I'm just trying to help out. And yes you Ontario folks I'll be back down in May but not in time for the Coping event, have other irons in the fire and just can't get away.
Cheers Rob
OMG there goes the neighborhood LOL.

Good for you Rob , I'm sure you will do an excellent job.

Now about that Colin guy :rofl:

Its so great to see this forum grow :canada:

Way to go. If CCF was a democracy, I would have even voted steamer as the next moderator anyways :)
Grow a LONGER..................THICKER....................FULLER...................................

HEAD..........................OF HAIR in only 3 weeks!!!!! (my attempt at spam) LOL!!

Hey Steamer/Rob Congrats!! Great to have you here as our new western canada mod!!
Hey Steamer,

Can we now bitch to you about not having enough types of "smilies" on the forum?

Justh Asing!

Congrats! Great news! Can't wait to see you again when you come down.

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