Please welcome our friend (Steamer) Rob on the 'wet' coast who has just been 'promoted' to the status of Moderator and all that that entails.

He has graciously agreed to help out with issues and questions here for us and is a welcome addition to staff. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge both mechanical and otherwise and can be much assistance with whatever questions you may have.

Cheers Rob -- Welcome aboard and congrats, brother -- but most of all thanks for helping.

Holler if I can help.:canada::canada::canada:

Riley and Colin, thanks for the welcome. I know that most of you folks hate the spammers that appear here from time to time and it gets annoying. Being the last one usually on here at night, I'll try to keep that under control to help out.
Cheers Rob
A good addition to a Forum that is growing while others are going down ,down,down.

Great table manners here .For myself I'll try to behave but Elves are very mischievous by nature :D
Awesome! Congrats Rob!! Are we going to be seeing you at Manny's this summer?

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