Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
We took our 2005 six speed Corvette on a 223 mile run today. Driving conservatively, we finally broke 35 mpg with a 35.0756 mpg run. Previous bests were 34.4, 34.7 and 34.9 done last year. After driving 10-12 mpg musclecars for 40+ years, this is kind of nice. Horsepower and gas mileage too. Gotta love it. :driving: Oops, can't do that. It kills gas mileage in a hurry. I was curious to see if the Varam intake would make any difference. Gains appear to be negligible at best. What am I doing? This is no fun way to drive a car like this. ;) With the improved gas mileage, we are still not saving gas money. We just drive three times as far. :)
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yup, this was shortly after a fill-up the other day :D
If I could run a steady 65 mph it might do a little better but I doubt that I would get much more. I wonder if someone like Arun could play with the computer and improve things any? There is an ideal air-fuel ratio and you can't vary much from that. I'm pretty happy with the mileage. The best I ever got with the L78 Chevelle was 14.1 mpg. Then again, I could work on any part of the old Chevelle. I don't know a whole lot about these new beasts so I would end up at a shop like Manny's for any involved work. That cost could very quickly off set any gas savings. The tires are also expensive and don't have a long life. I'm under no illusion that these cars are any cheaper to run than our old Chevelle was. The money just goes in different directions. :eek:
Although I could get 34 mpg with my 03 @ 75mph range I'm not doing very well on the 08 .The 08 gets it's best fuel mileage at around 50-57 mph and that is only 28-29 mpg .Who wants to drive that slow in a Vett?
I went to spearfish, SD in july. got 28 mpg at 85mph. 05 vert 4spd auto. very happy
Good evening,

I'm not sure how accurate the Z06's computer is but my last tankful was a combined 6.6 l/100 km which translates to 42.7 mpg.........better than my Sentra and it doesn't produce 744 rwhp!! Even if it were to read out by 10% that is still 38.5 mpg which is pretty hard to imagine...........


I'm sure we can all get pretty decent mileage on the highway doing our best to milk every drop ...

I'm finding that my car really likes the fuel for just general driving around. There's a few stations on Hwy 6 outside Hamilton that are always about 10 cents per liter cheaper ...
I make sure I go that way often ! :canada:
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