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Nov 7, 2011
1988 Z-51
I finally got around to swap my original injectors out, never really thought they were that bad to begin with. But with the car pushing 25 years old why not. Went with Bosh 3's modified to fit new height design 22 lbs. Anyone else using these injectors?


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For sure have the pro's do it, it's not an easy job. I got the new ones in but the have to wait for another day to put everything back together as I clean up the plenum and runners first.
probably put the rest of it together next weekend since: sent runners and plenum out for professional oven baked on powder coated finish, ordered adj fuel pressure regulator and fuel rail gauge.
I didn't need to do these extra things but what the hell, at least it'll look better than stock and I can play around tuning the fuel pressure. Pics to follow.
I'm finished. Took a couple/few hours a couple of times, a two beer job each time. It looks like the fuel injectors work good. But I wouldn't recommend this job for a novice.


Installed an on rail fuel pressure gauge and adjusted fuel pressue, car runs nice now.




You probably don't need the rail type gauge and adjustable fuel pressure regulator but I wanted the option of adjusting the fuel pressure myself especially since the fuel injectors aren't the factory type.

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