Interesting. I really expected them to stick around the 150K-200k mark at the maximum. I'm obviously in zero position to buy a car like this, however, that doesn't stop me from having an opinion. :D
For that money, I wouldn't even look at the GT, I'd be on my way to the Lambo dealership.
Is it just me or do these high end cars have so many swoops and scoops that they begin to look like something goofy out of the kids' toy boxes? I guess I'm just too used to the smooth style of the Corvettes.

LOL, no it's not just you Keith -- My guess is that it's the price one has to pay for being able to go 4 times the speed limit which would only be a factor at the track.

LOL our 'vettes will only go about 3 times the speed limit (at the track of course :coolgleam:) so I'm guessing they don't need all that "swoop" treatment.

It won't be long before all cars will look like that even tho they'll only go 60mph........mostly.

Maybe it'll grow on us over time. More than likely we'll still be hanging onto our C1 to C6's :D
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hahaha, I have a Ford -- (sorry folks but next to my devotion to vettes I'm a hardcore Ford guy).....
but anyway so the purchase app says I qualify for a new GT -- good, good.....I'll take one, won't mind the wait .......

just have to knock a zero off the purchase price.
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