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Jan 11, 2009
Two new features that will be launched shortly subject to critique of course are:

1. My Garage: - this will be a showcase of items/cars you own together with the following abilities a) special tabs for users to add details, links to albums/pics, engine modifications etc b) dyno/timeslip database so you can upload your timeslips and list out your numbers c) rating system so everyone can be an armchair critic

2. Q&A/Top Answer: - this is a beta test. We will introduce a voting system on certain forums where members can ask tech questions and others can 'upvote' the best answer. Best answer will be prominently shown at the top. Aim of this is to allow newcomers to go to the best answer directly vs. paging through lots of posts. If you got to you'll sort of get a sense of how this will look.

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