More C7 releases!

C7 Corvette News, Rumors and Spy Photos of the 2014 Corvette

The reveal is just over a month away!!! And by the sounds of it, it will have the fugly square tail lights....shall we coin the new phrase for the Corvette? I'm thinking of calling it the Corvaro or...Camette.:D

It just opens the door for someone to come along in the aftermarket industry and make a proper 4 round tail light rear end for the car. I bet that would sell like hot cakes! If I were in the market for a C7, I would put that into my budget.
Grafting a Camaro tail end onto the new Corvette would be a giant step backward. Corvettes are innovators not followers, or at least they always have been to some extent. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.
Well, from what I read, Chevy is trying to have a brand recognizable feature across their line and they think square tail lights will be it.:rofl:

I always hear, I have a Chevy Cavalier, a Chevy Malibu, Chevy Nova, Chevrolet Cruize, Chevy Camaro. I never recall anyone ever saying I have a Chevy Corvette. It's always, I have a Corvette, plain and simple. Make the brand conform to the Corvette, don't make the Corvette conform to the brand by tacking goofy "brand recognizable" features onto it.
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