Good to hear about the upgraded interior....although I've never had an issue with the interior...but it sounded like it needed one. The 7-speed manual transmission is quite odd. 7-speeds.... that's almost as much as a Peterbilt.:rofl:

Thanks for posting! I'm getting excited for the unveiling!
Now those pics I'm liking much more than previous spy shots and artist's concepts.
Similar rear end with 4 round tails, 5 spokes, and a front end that looks killer.
If the interior is a big improvement like promised and they keep the price increase low, they'll have a winner.

A 5.5 liter engine with 440 hp and reasonable torque coupled to a 7 speed standard or 8 speed auto sounds heavenly to me, especially the auto.
I had an 8 speed auto in an ISF and loved every single shift. Simply awsome.

The '14 being lightly smaller, lighter, and even more comfortable would suit me just fine.

Put me on the waiting list.

Now who wants an '11 GS coupe, fully decked (4LT), modded and babied by me and DaSilva Motorsports Inc. for $70k -- only about 8k (dry) clicks?

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