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Aug 23, 2010
Southcentral Ontario
1967 BBC coupe
I guess it's sorta like a mutual fund. Can't drive that either.

1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427 big block Coupe

"NCRS 2003-04 Top flight 99.9% perfect. Tank sticker, build sheet,original invoice, all restorations recorded on DVD, original plates, 2 sets of original rims with new rubber, heated garage stored and never driven . A true show car insurance appraised replacement value $275,000".

Never driven - :nono: It's a c-a-r. Imagine never having the feeling I get every time I drive mine, over all these years. :confused:

Since it goes unsaid, I'm guessing it's not a 435hp. It's probably a 390hp or maybe a 400hp 427.
The '65 425 hp 396 was exactly the same engine as the '66 and later 375 hp engine. I've had a couple of the L78 Chevelles and in stock form they would be pretty hard pressed to make 375 never mind the 425 hp. On the Chevelle web site everyone talked about their stock killer L78 Chevelles. When I asked what it took to make my stock L78s as quick, the silence was deafening. Like any other engine, they COULD be made quick and fast with a lot of money spent. Our '69 Chevelle with headers would be a 13.3s car at 3900 pounds with the driver. You do the math.
Factory hp numbers were more for advertising than based on reality.

Just to further confuse things, here's what appeared on the L-72 Corvette air cleaners very early in the 1966 model year run. The decals were adjusted down to 425 shortly thereafter.

Incidentally, under the old gross horsepower rating system, the above sticker was one of the more accurate of Chevy's late 60's ratings.

1965 - L-78 396/425hp
1966 - L-72 427/425hp (was labelled as 450hp in early production)
1967 - L-71 427/435hp (should be 460hp)
1967 - L-88 427/430hp (should be 560hp)

Again, under the old gross horsepower rating system, the numbers in brackets are closer to the truth.

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