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Dec 15, 2012
2005 C6 LS2
I know, I know...it's highly frowned upon to even consider driving our babies through a car wash but is it safe? Can these cars run through a car wash without incident? Everything on my car is stock...wheel size and height is all standard, so can I safely drive it through the car wash?
I only ask because I 'can't' wash it at home right now. We're having work done in our kitchen and half the garage is full of construction equipment so I can't even get to the hose, lol.
Normally I wash it every Friday...but the weather hasn't been all that great and now it really needs a wash....and it's a beautiful day.
So....ultimate sin aside...can I drive it through a no touch car wash?
Thanks in advance!:seeya:

A no touch brushless carwash certainly won't do any harm to your car, but you probably won't be too thrilled with the cleaning job .
Thanks Unclejung. Yea, I'm sure the wash wont be all that great but it'll be better than how it looks now...really needs a wash...and I'm stuck.:(

NO!!! Definitly not..........the car and all its contents inside will MELT...........don't do it bud! lol.

:agree:While that IS my greatest fear...I'm also concerned about the 'push' mechanism that rolls your car forward...will the car scrape and that sort of thing. I can live with it melting...I'm not so sure though that I want it rubbing or scraping on anything.:D

I go to a don't yourself wash all the time. It's much better than any other kind. Just do not use the foam brush, and the vette will be happy.
I use a regular car wash for the Z06 but a touchless one for my Sentra. Perhaps because I have never taken the Z06 to Grande Prairie where there is a touchless that I like. In most cases it is a simple matter of just blowing off the accumulated dust and dirt as the Z06 doesn't get a lot of road grime - except for yesterday's 100 km of rain/showers on the trip back from Edmonton!

I hope that the 3M will help with dead bug removal as some people have mentioned that.

Being on a gravel driveway I'm not too keen on breaking my garden hose out and stomping around in puddles of water - there is no slope to drain the water away like on most driveways.

I would also probably talk to the manager at the carwash just to see if anyone has ever brought in such a car for a wash and/or if anyone has ever had any problems with such a low car. I'm sure he'd warn you off if there was a chance of damage.......


I haven't found any regular washes that will accommodate the wide tires and low suspension....... A touchless (with no rails) would be ok tho but not as effective.

I use the garden hose and a bucket for heavy dirt (which isn't often) and a good detailer (Mothers) for all other cleanups. Just make sure you have a good coat of wax . (Rejex)

Well, well, well...Fortune Smiles! The car wash I took it too was a 'drive in' no touch car wash...meaning it had no track to run your tires against or worry of anything scraping. :)

I had no idea car washes like that even existed...it was a solid concrete floor and the no touch wash was decent...not bad but certainly got the wash it needed.
Thanks for all the feedback folks!

On our road trips, after each day of driving after our dinner, I ask the OEM Nav to find me a Self Serve Carwash nearby, and most towns or cities have one. It at least takes the bugs off the front, and cleans the car pretty good.
BTW, I also carry drying cloths, and dry off the car.
Worst case, I'll use a waste bucket and water from the hotel to clean the car as best I can.
Here is a pic after a full day of driving, after a good dinner and a self serve carwash in Roanoke Rapids on a stop over on our trip this spring.
so far I found glass cleaner seems to really help in cleaning bugs off.
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