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Nov 14, 2011
Hi all! Thinking of purchaseing a new hood for my 97,C5. I need more clearance for my engine bay, Thinking of carbon fiber,my feeling is to keep it fiberglass???:canada:
Jeff , there are lots of options with hoods . There are also good better and best . Some of the fiberglass ones don't fit so well and look cheap , even with a decent paint job .
Here are the ones we carry .

MCM ( Motor City Moulds ) Carbon fiber
Lingenfelter , Fiberglass
RKSport , Fiberglass
VIS , Carbon Fiber
Tiger Shark , Fiberglass

The MCM is by far the best , and the one I have on my personal 98C5

Please contact me if you have any questions
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I just wish there was a C5 hood that didn't have the crease down the center. I think its really out of place on the Vert since it doesn't flow with anything. There are some induction hoods with out it but I don't want an induction hood :(
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