Jan 25, 2009
73 Corvette Coupe
I found a 01 LS1 and new tremec T56 6 speed on kijiji. I don't know what he is including with the engine yet but I thought I would ask a few questions to my fellow LS'ers. If I wanted to run the fuel injection how much would I be looking at spending for a computer and harnesses? Obviously I could carb it but I want to know how difficult (and costly) the electronics would be.

Don't know if I am buying anything yet just got me thinking.

He is asking $6000 for the engine and tranny. Does this seem fair (with or without engine accessories)

Thanks in advance

If you can't find a computer harness for your car, you may want to look into one of these intake manifolds as they work with the LS engine.

Edelbrock.com - Manifolds - Chevrolet - Performer RPM - LS1

I'm sure you could do a little better than $6000. Sounds like it has the 6 speed orientated the correct way for you. :D

I know Manny had an LS6 for pretty cheap a few years ago, so it's pretty hard to take a guess on the price. The best part is it's in Saskatoon and if you get this motor, you won't be eyeing up mine! :D Mmmmm. Used motor with used tranny? I would guess $4500 to $5000 with all the computerized stuff?
Not sure how many km on the engine. Says tranny is new but not sure yet. just emailed to ask if the harnesses are included so far. Will obviously have to go look at it anyway. I found an LS1 and T56 out of a camaro about 4 years ago for 5000, but didn't need it then.

Thanks for the advice so far. keep it coming.
As far as wirehrness/ECU, you would probably have less problems going with a stand alone engine management system. I know AEM makes them and a few other companies. I'm not sure what Manny uses for theae types of swaps. If he sees this thread I'm sure that he'd be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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Having been through it with our old Chevelles, you are going to need all the emissions equipment along with the engine. The MOE has made a real mess of things and even the go-to guys don't have any answers. A friend of mine who is a Chevelle guy and a retired police officer, called the go-to guy that my MPP put me onto and in 45 minutes of talking, the guy did not have one single answer. They do know how to pull you over and do a visual then send you in for a full check. Everything has to be there or the fines start adding up. A carbureted LS engine is not going to cut it with the MOE guys. It's a mess that I want no part of and it was a good part of the reason for selling the old cars.
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I will second the opinion of the price being high. I'd go around 4 if and only if all the bits and pieces for the computer etc were included. If you're going to carb it, I'd go with a built long block suited for carb duty. I don't think that the engine/tranny would match up that well with a carb without dumping more into the cam/heads and valve train to suit it.
Spoke with my son who does this sort of stuff..........said the price is high especially if not complete.....said those extra pieces can be very expensive. If it was complete with low klm maybe 4000-5000.
LS Powered Camaro

On our run to Gravenhurst yesterday, Tony had his black '69 Camaro along for the ride. LS powered and Corvette suspension, Wilwood brakes. What a car and he did it all himself at home in his garage right down to the paint. He would be the one to ask about this stuff. He's been there and done that. What a sweet looking ride. Then again, I came from the musclecar era so I am pretty fond of these old cars, especially with LS engines.
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