Jan 26, 2009
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Got the Billet grill to install and was wonder if I could borrow someones hands?\
Install time , around 30 minutes for grill. Nothing to take apart.
Also just got in the mail today the Billet lens covers!!!
Refreshments will be included.
Address, 437 3rd street east.:seeya:
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I heard that the police would be stopping by so I had to flush my stash. Now the drains are not working, so the city is going to come by some time to clear the "tree roots" out of the pipes. They still have not been here dang it!!!!
The city never came.....booo-urns. Maybe I can still get my stash, ahahaha. Hopefully they come soon, I am tired of my sinks filling up and belching sewage gas every time the people upstairs drain their sinks.

Dwayne, don't forget to take pictures.
Thanks to Riley, his buddy, and Rod for all your hours and hours of hard work.
Thanks Rod for the installation of the billet Grill, and yes, that was the front of the car. And thanks to Riley, for your engineering degree for the install of the light covers. See all those years of schooling did pay off! And to Riley's Buddy, the lawyer who over saw the whole install and was there whenever we needed a fresh beer. With all the excitment I forgot to show you boys the new T-shirt I order from the National Corvette museum, and they sent a bunch of other stuff along to read. Lets hope for a sunny thursday night.

and that goes for anyone. if you need a hand dont hesitate to ask.:canada:

does that offer apply to Corvettes only? I can think of the gutters, roofing, electrical and other stuff I need to do in the house :rofl: great, I will tell my wife you will be helping!

Seriously though:

I think Riley may need some help with the stash he lost down the drain!
HA! That's funny. No help needed with the stash.
Glad I could help, sorry I could not stick around for a few brewskis afterwards. We may have to catch up on that part of the build some time.
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