Jan 4, 2010
2000 c5 cvt
hey everyone, just wanted to share some pics of my very first vette cvt, i must say it's torture having it stored right now, i bought it and a week later it was stored, so you know what i mean,


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Very nice! I was soo close to buying a triple black vert this past summer. Looks great with those Z wheels! Congrats...
Interesting note about your planned mods... one thing is to consider that a set of long tubes and x-pipe will probably increase the sound quality as much as a cat back but the headers will actually give you 25+ RWHP whereas the cat back might only give you 10 at the most!!

Looked at your pics again... that really is a pretty sharp colour combo with those wheels! I always thought that if I had a black car I'd want those all blacked our flat coloured rims but that looks pretty cool!
thx guy'z for the props, do u guys know of any shops in the london or toronto area that sell headers, exhaust for decent prices, if so let me know, thx
send a PM to NASTY98 or give him a ring... he's a supporting member and advertises here on the site. The resident expert and dealer (and installer!!) in Ontario. I would have gone to him in a second if I wasn't over here in Alberta!!
Oh.. and ps... Manny is taking votes on a group buy for spring!!! Headers and x-pipes are on the list!!!
Definitely talk to Manny. That car does look great with the Z06 wheels on there. Sorry to hear you had to store your car. A lot of us feel your pain.
Sweet ride - nice to see another 519'er. Highly recommend Manny from personal experience. Good luck with your mods.
1st Vette

Congrats, hopefully the first of many to come. I just purchased my first Vette a few weeks ago. Congrats.:coolgleam:
Nice looking ride, the big rims really make the car.
Have fun driving her in the spring, you should head east to TO
for the big Sherway GTG meeting in mid April, its a big turnout.
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