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Jan 4, 2010
2000 c5 cvt
hey everyone, just wanted to share some pics of my very first vette cvt, i must say it's torture having it stored right now, i bought it and a week later it was stored, so you know what i mean,


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Very nice! I was soo close to buying a triple black vert this past summer. Looks great with those Z wheels! Congrats...
Interesting note about your planned mods... one thing is to consider that a set of long tubes and x-pipe will probably increase the sound quality as much as a cat back but the headers will actually give you 25+ RWHP whereas the cat back might only give you 10 at the most!!

Looked at your pics again... that really is a pretty sharp colour combo with those wheels! I always thought that if I had a black car I'd want those all blacked our flat coloured rims but that looks pretty cool!
thx guy'z for the props, do u guys know of any shops in the london or toronto area that sell headers, exhaust for decent prices, if so let me know, thx
send a PM to NASTY98 or give him a ring... he's a supporting member and advertises here on the site. The resident expert and dealer (and installer!!) in Ontario. I would have gone to him in a second if I wasn't over here in Alberta!!
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