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May 18, 2011
2011 coupe
Ive owned it for a year now. My cars build date was april 9th 2011 and i recieved it may long of 2011. Ive done a fair list of mods including cammed, intake, exhaust, Z06 spoiler, lowered and the black roof and wheels. There is a lot more in mods but on to pics. sorry for the low quality

Most recent is top 5 photos











Beauty ride, Sheldon -- Even tho you made us wait so long to see her, she did turn out great.

Would love to hear more about it......and you really should post up more often:
We just can't learn too much in 2 posts in the last year.:rofl:

Glad to hear from you and look forward to more stories and pics.

I love the car and the looks it gets. The GM hot cam was the best upgrade, the car has a pretty loopy idle that turns heads and the gm off road exhaust was worth the price for the nice tone it creates. Ive ran the car once down a "non" professional track aka airport and trapped a 12.01 but cant recall the speed id have to go back and look at the slip. Traction was an issue but its expected. I was free launching it without the use of launch control because with the mods it wasnt realy programmed "designed" for the extra 100+ hp haha so it actualy made my times brutal using it
The best part of a corvette is that with all the performance and power i still achieve over 30mpg on the highway!! :) In town tho i'd rather not discuss :(
I was once living there when i was attending SIAST. More then likely when i move there i wont have the car anymore tho :(
Not a problem. Feel free to come on out whether you still have the car or not. We have a few people that have sold their cars and still come out to visit. We're not snobs and it's not like you have to have a Corvette to be there.
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