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Jun 8, 2012
Edmonton AB
No Corvette :(
OK, back from SEMA 2013

I must have seen 75-125 C7 Corvettes in booths. I like the side of the car, the rear still not to sure on, dash not too sure on just yet.

SEMA2013pictures Photos by bdlmotorsports | Photobucket

Sorry that I am in so many pictures.... haha

click on the first picture and scroll through..... never took pictures of all the C7's but took a bunch. Got maybe 10% of the cars and 75% of the SEMA Babes! :)

I think I walked between Edmonton and Wetaskiwin or Red Deer in a week between SEMA and the Strip.... right baby toe is tender... damn blister.

Here are another 1500 pictures... another site AutoSpies - 2013 SEMA Show - Detroit Auto Show, New York Auto Show, Las Vegas SEMA Auto Shows

Wow... That is a show I would truly love to attend. So many nice looking rides, and different. Not the same old stuff.
Great pics! Next time do everyone a favour and crop yourself out of all the good pics,, lol

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