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Oct 18, 2012
Manitoulin Island
2011 base
She is a 2006 Z51 Coupe
Arctic white with black interior- only 941 built
Carbon fiber engine cover
lingenfelter twin turbo hood
corvette chrome motorsport wheels
Vengeance racing Cam
2800-3000 rpm stall converter
Yella Terra 1.7 roller rocker arms
Bssani 2.5 cat back stainless exhaust with 3.5 tips
Vararam racing ram air induction system
L.G street series headers 2.5 polished stainless 3 inch collector Ceramic
All upgrades done by Manny at Dasilva Motorsports


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Hi Boom

Your car looks very good. What rear end ratio do you have and how do you like the stall converter? Driving impressions please.

Love Manitoulin Island, would love to go back for a visit. Taking the 'vette on the Chi-Cheemaun would be a lot of fun, this time I'd try not to get pulled over by the Wikwemikong Police :).
I have the stock 2.56 rear end but will soon be changing to the 3.42. As for driving impressions it is a very quick auto but seems a fair bit unresponsive on the highway UNTIL YOU Give it a generous amount of throttle then she goes like a raped ape. I was told that with the 3.42 it will be a lot more throttle responsive and drivability will improve. Don't get me wrong , it will gladly pass anything on the highway but it does take a bit of pedal to do it and make it FUN. And yes them Wiky ( Wikwemikong) boys can be tough.
A little off topic, but you guys seem to be familiar with the ferries. Are they generally clearance friendly with Corvettes? You will notice a big difference going from 2.56 to 3.42 gears. Actually, going to 3.90s, you will still only be turning around 1600 rpm at 60 mph with a six speed. Our other vehicles generally run around 2K rpm at 60 mph and still get decent gas mileage.
Keith it was long time ago when I visited Manitoulin. At that time I was driving a '72 Datsun pickup truck riding on American mags with 60 series tires... that and my extra long hair probably explains why I was stopped by the police:).

Seems to me that if you were loaded onto the deck that is level with the dock and didn't have to drive on the ramps that everything would be fine, not sure but I think that level is reserved for the transport trucks, so indeed it may be a problem. Hopefully someone and tried it and will chime in with some advice.
Keith, I haven't been on the ship for about 10 years and was driving a Rav4 at the time I think. Like Wayne said, no problem on the main deck but the side ramps could be an issue. The ship is wintering in the harbour here in Owen Sound right now. If I get a chance, I'll ask around. I think the prices have gone up again this year. Traffic is down the past few years.
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