Yup I like it lot!

I thought the reflection of the streetlight was bird-poop on the last picture, but only for a second.

This was my first look at one in black. Now I know why I like that colour so much, and got mine black too. The just look so damn evil!
It was about $200 when I was going to order one. And its about 4 weeks for delivery I believe. I was going to get one, but kept getting mixed reviews on them and couldn't think of one I really, really liked. (And wasnt taken)

I think anything subtle but relevant is OK. So many of the good ones are gone, so I won't get one until I find something that strikes a cord. My first choice is perfect but likely taken.
I like your plate. I have a idea of 1 I would like. What is the price in Alberta and how long between order and receipt?

I think it was $188 if i'm not mistaken…i had it in 3 weeks. I didn't want anything too cocky…like viper eater or bye bye..or stuff like that… I came up with this and sure enough it was available … Most will probably not even notice it, which is cool. I didn't want it to draw attention too much, lol by the way, they sent me 2 plates so i'm putting one in the garage… :)
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Just ordered my plates.

Wife's nick name is suZee and the car is a Z51.

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