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Sep 16, 2013
Nova Scotia
2020 C8 Z51
I got the call this morning that the Stingray was here. The truck had dropped it off this morning. The GM and I went to the holding lot with a couple of guys and removed the cover. Back to the dealership for PDI, cleaning and into the showroom for a couple of weeks until the weather breaks.

Some initial thoughts...

The car is stunning in person. I can't get a photo that properly conveys the lines, feel and beauty of the car. It is stunning inside and out.

My wife loves the red/black theme :D
Looks like the Missus and the young lads are pretty happy too. These newer Corvettes really have re-invented the musclecar era for an even better go round than the first go round in the sixties. Have fun.
Congratulations! Very nice! I got to sit in a coupe and a vert today at the Auto Show and I agree...great job GM. :D
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