Aug 2, 2010
ancaster, ontario
1988 coupe
My 88 Vette i love it!! What u think....:canada:[/ATTACH][/ATTACH]


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Beauty '88 -- especially in White.....congrats.

That makes 2 members (at least) in Ancaster. Ford Prefect is also in your fair city.

Can't wait for spring to see your ride.

Nice to see someone else with a C4. I was starting to think everyone here was driving a C5 or newer. I also have an 88, but mine is a convertible.

Small world also. I grew up in Ancaster, just around the corner from Ford Prefect, although I didn't really know him, I did know his brother. I also bought my Corvette in Ancaster.

As can been seen from my forum name, I'm not too far from you, maybe this summer we will be able to get out for a cruise together.....maybe meet up at Manny's event in May so I won't be the only C4 there....LOL
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