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Jul 25, 2012
1974 stingray 4speed
Finally found my leak today thinking it was oil but really it was rad fluid The nipple where the overflow hose connects to is moving around looks like its flared on the inside and the welds broke loose on the outside so leaking a bit of fluid all over. I put some hight temp silicone to try and seal it. Besides that any other suggestions besides getting a new rad. Mine is not that old prob 3 years. This sucks
That's not very old so you might want to remove and have it rewelded/resoldered for a more permanent fix. Shouldn't be too much of a job disconnecting the hoses and removing and taking in to a good repair shop where they will pressure test after they're finished.

Found this small shop in Mississauga called king radiator they looked at the rad said no problem they had a brass fitting that looked like the original that used to be there quickly soldered it for me. When I asked how much he said go enjoy driving it before I decide to charge you Wow nice guy dropped what he was doing to help me then told me to drive off lol
Yeah -- nice guys are still out there. Thanks for sharing with us.

Nice guy for sure..but I'll bet if you need rad work again in the future you will remember him and this shop. This is good business in my opinion.
...yes maybe in the new future and what better place to go than somewhere that appears not to want to take the "gold mine" and give you the sh..............

Seems you found a winner there calimedeiros.....hang on to it.
Good help is hard to find these days......:D

Indeed -- and they know very well that a good deed goes a long way to promoting business.
Nobody wants free service, but a little 'freebie' goes a long way to gaining customers doesn't it.

And just about the best advertising you can have. This forum and others are proof.

Some of these so called dealerships (or is it Stealerships?) could learn a thing or 2 from this. They may just gain a little more faith from car owners.

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Yup very nice guys there. As far as stealerships go I don't think they give a s**t

Perhaps I'm being a little naive but I really thought, certainly in light of the recent economic woes, that GM cared about how their dealerships treated customers. They say they do and ask for feedback but maybe they don't give a rat's petutie either.

If that's true it's a shame. It wouldn't take the earth to have a good relationship with customers and gain their faith. Surely they (GM and the dealerships representing them) don't feel that they're infallible or untouchable.

I must admit that there are some decent dealers out there and that the run of the mill, attitude filled ones pretty much ruin decent dealer's rep.
There are some good ones out there -- they really do exist -- few as they are.


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