Sep 3, 2010
2006, base
Back in the fine days of 2012, several corvette owners would gather
usually twice a month to chat about their cars and the good and not-
so-good things about owning a corvette.

Somewhere late fall 2013 / early 2014 the genial conversations and
good will went missing !! I don't know, and I don't wish to know what
was the cause of the misadventures.

This is simply a note to say that Kathy and I will be at Mud St. Timmies,
thurs 24 April 2014, usual time, ~ 11.30am.
We would be more than happy to see any one who wishes to join us.
[ No need to let us know if you are coming, unless you want to.]
Please forward this note to anyone you believe would be interested

Just want to see if the interest in the corvette can bring the
group together again, or, if we simply drop the Mud Street Gang and
go our own way ???

Take care,
welland. [ and you know what I drive !! [g] ]
as much as I enjoy the Mud street meets Work gets in the way of being able to get there through the week

Same. I was lucky enough to have holidays the week that Garry came down to pick up his Lambo killer from Manny's. I had a great time! I'm really hoping I can make it again this summer. I want to see Tony's new ride! Caravaning down with Colin and Garry was awesome. Really felt like a brotherhood. :cool:

It would be nice to try and organize more "events" like this. It's just hard because everyone is at different stages in life and have different interests in what they want out of there Vette. Don't cancel it. People will make it when they can, and from what I saw everyone enjoyed everyone's company (and rides).

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Colin, Vette is going into Manny's Wednesday morning.

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I'll see if Mom is available to dog sit.I don't know what she's got on this week.....

I'll be meeting Tony and Kathy next week (5th-9th) -- not sure which day yet but are you available? I'm free Monday, Wed., Thursday.
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