In prep for Brian's...Simcoe Fair, and noting the weather looks good....

how about meeting for coffee / chat / eats this wednesday ?? [ tomorrow ]

Usual time and place.


I'm in as usual........Terry may or may not depending on a better offer....:rofl:

He may have to work.....He'll make it if he can.:D

JA VOL MEIN kommandant -- das wagon ist gut.

Pics from today's activities but once again the contingent from Welland stole the show.....with a new Porsche Boxer or is that Boxter...... I was very gracious in their arrival and offered to check their oil and such......but damned if I could find the engine. It's not where it should be that's for sure....I didn't have the heart to tell him it's lost.....

Great day folks -- Beauty rides including Wayne's always terrific C5 white vert with those marvelous popup h/lights (and only real cars have popup h/lts) :D also north american built chev corvette C6 coupe s/c'd; and finally from the 'dark side' -- Tony and Kathy's Boxer (or is that Boxter I can never remember) vert, quadruple black: including exterior, interior, black top and 'Black edition'.

I did say the engine wasn't in the right place -- here's proof but don't tell Tony..

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and then there is our n/american built cars and us -- I didn't have time to take more pics of our cars or everyone I seem to have missed Brian who stopped in on his way from the g/course......Nice to see you and thanks for allowing the pics as usual ..

Other than Tony demanding that we have our next meeting at Denninger's instead of Horton's it was pretty much a normal lunch.

"normal"??? maybe once we recovered from the Boxer surprise (or is that Boxter? I can never remember).

To be honest it was a wonderful surprise and I"m very happy for Tony and Kathy.......
Tony having had a few 'vettes tho tell me that he'll be back 'into the fold' somewhere down the road.

Enjoy Tony and Kathy -- she's a great car .......

btw -- did you ever find the engine?

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