Sep 3, 2010
2006, base
Anyone interested in a Mud Street meeting on thursday ??

Lots of activities last w/end and more to come this up-coming w/end.
Hence the question !

I'll be there with my GM product, with Wayne's twin turbo and

Time... approx 11.30am

Will be there with bells on Tony. (with Terry if he's available).

What's this about bringing "the GM product"? Would it be ok if you brought the boxster and we had another look? Or is the bantering getting to you?

I hope not. You've got a lovely car there and I for one would like to share it with you........Terry was pretty excited when he heard what you'd bought.

BTB -- (Bring the Boxster) .. please.

Let's see packed, ready to go, got my gloves, sunglasses, gassed up, camera, -- all set.......heading out shortly .. Mom's here to dog and house sit......can't wait to see the guys again.......and drive Crystal Meth.

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and here we are home again after a fine drive and great visit with Kathy and Tony, Wayne, and Jim. Nice to see you again Jim -- glad you're feeling better and out enjoying the 'vette, -- It was easily the shiniest there.....Looked like it was just washed and toweled
Wayne's C4 vert, Jim's C6 GS coupe, my C6 GS coupe, and a terrific C6 Porsche Boxster -- Black edition with us today......

Just cars this time. someone threatened to "put it where the sun don't shine" if I got it out too soon. I didn't want to chance it so here's only the cars.

All lovely and sparkling and pictured below tho it was a little buys in the parking lot and we couldn't park all together ...

Always nice to see our friends and their cars -- or should that be automobiles (said in one's finest British accent).....:D

The black section......with Jim's C6 GS coupe, and Tony&Kathy's C6 Boxster

and then there's the Red and White section with Wayne's C5 white vert and my C6 GS Red coupe.

I fibbed again: here's one from when Navion (Terry from Midland) visited back in May:
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