Perfect weather, pleasant drives in wonderful cars, and lively conversation with great company.
What more could one ask (rq) .........:D

Terry and I, Tony and Kathy, and Ian with the black '81 whom we met at Mount Hope last week, came just as we were leaving.
Poor Ian was having trouble finding our forum online, and after at least 5 different explanations from 3 or 4 of us on what he must have been doing wrong is just as confused as when he arrived. is the address is you use your address bar, but if you use a search engine like google, bing or any number of other s/e's you'll have to search thru the results of the search that it gives you to find our address which can take some time.

So hopefully he'll have better luck and will find us. I've run out of the business cards of our site that I made up unfortunately so was unable to give him one.
I'll have to get off my arse and make some more.:D

So to the pictures of this day:

brother Terry and the "Green Envy" shortly after arrival:

and another as Tony and Kathy were arriving:

hugs for all as Terry took over camera duties (T&K and y/truly):

......this time in front of the P-car -- (side note: where the hell did I leave my glasses?)

my latest pride and joy:

Terry with tears of joy at such beautiful cars......I'm sure one of these days he'll get another V.

Kathy's P-car that Tony drives when he's good.

and finally Ian with his '81 Shark who happened to bump into us by chance.

We may do another meet this Friday 29th.. at Bobby's Bar and Grill in Mount Hope -- watch out for another thread on that one.
Anyone is welcome to join us so don't be shy.:D

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