Silver Bullitt

Silver Bullitt

Jul 15, 2013
2005 machine silver
Hi All;
Spring is coming I hope, but today (Easter sunday) I saw the
dreaded "S" word (SNOW) yikes!

I have some vacation time booked in May
and was wondering if you all still meet up @ Horton's
near Mud St. (need date & time).

When I finally get her out I'd like to meet some like minded Vette people

Silver Bullitt
Hi Don,

We seem to have moved on from Mud Street to:

Frankie's Bar & Grill 2965 Homestead Dr, Mount Hope, Hamilton, Ontario L0R 1W0,

It has a better variety of food and the parking lot and staff are very "Vette Friendly"
I'm sure we can easily accommodate your vacation days in May.

New people are always welcome.
Seen a few Vette's there last summer. One of my buddies old lady works there. Food any good now as I haven't been in there for a very long time?

Was thinking of going this week, [ April 20th ], but forecast is not good, infact very
wet until friday,24th.

Anyone up to meeting friday, 24th at Bobbies ?? Usual time ~11.30pm.

welland, and the P car.
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