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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
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More or less last minute for this Friday but the weather looks favourable and Tony, Kathy, Terry and I will be at Mud street about 11:15/11:30'ish if you're up to it.
Would love to see you all again and no pictures this time. I'm leaving the camera at home.

Hope to see you there.

Life is a little touch and go right now. We have a family situation that is causing some grief. But if I find myself available, I'll try and make it.

Sorry to hear that Brian -- Hope all is ok and if you need any help at all you know you need but ask.

Hoping things are better by then and we can see you Friday.

Take care

Very nice lunch only interrupted by the constant clicking of a camera. After a short period of time a satisfying crunch followed by a cry of "this is for Brian" brought the whole photographic exercise to an end,

Either that or I'm experiencing indigestion.
the damn papparazzi are everywhere lads !!! :rofl:

LOL especially when I'm around....:rofl:

I know I'm a real PITA but I just love taking pictures especially of Wayne and Tony -- who constantly hound me to bring the camera bring the camera bring the camera -- and when I say I'd prefer not to they just won't hear of it.

On that note we may as well get to the pictures -- I know Wayne is waiting patiently for me to post them followed closely by Tony....but of whom are quite photogenic btw -- and they all look pretty happy to me -- great pics guys and gal .......:D

And if you believe what Colin claims .....that Wayne and Tony want their
photos taken
................boy, have we got an offer for you !!


Yeah the Brooklyn Bridge was for sale some time ago..............


But your smiles belie you my friend .. you're just very modest since you take a very nice picture. I have much proof.:D

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