Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good afternoon everyone,

I wasn't sure if I should post this on the original thread or if I should start a new one.

Firstly thanks for Riley for having this forum and for everyone who encouraged me not to give up on this and to stick to my guns.

I just got off the phone with Mr. Santini and he said that it was a mistake in procedure, I probably don't need to bore you with the contents or details but the outcome.

Mr. Santini is going to contact my choice of autobody shops and they will be billing him directly for the repairs to both scratch sites. I have to pay nothing, no deductable applies etc.

A pity that it had to go this far and this long but sometimes the people up the chain of command have to step in to make sure that while there is a policy in place, it doesn't always apply to each claims case and individual attention needs to be given to some situations every once in a while and that my claim is one of these.

I feel at peace and am pleased with how promptly and properly I was treated by Mr. Santini and that he serves as a credit as to how customer service ought to be conducted.

I'll let you know later next week when the car goes for its repairs........


Good for you......nice to hear a positive outcome for this needless fiasco. I am certain that they hoped that you would go away, and then realized that you were not a pushover.
Hallelujah!!!!!! -- What we have to go thru sometimes to get somewhere.

I'm proud of you Garry for sticking to your guns.

Quite a learning experience for us all.

Happy to hear of the positive resolution to your claim Garry. :)
We all have to share in the outcome of this experience. You all supported me, gave me guideance and suggestions on how to see this through. It is unfortunate that it was not more simple and straight forward but serves as an excellent example that if you feel within your heart that you have been wronged that you need to see it through. If necessary you need to have it go up the chain until you have satisfaction or have exhausted all possible avenues.

Kudos to Mr. Santini for resolving this matter so quickly after he became aware of it. It does make one feel a bit more positive toward Livingston International that maybe some hands were tied by protocol and rules and it just needed to reach the attention of someone who could see what had happened and could make the required adjustments to make a very unhappy customer a satisfied one.............


Good evening everyone!

A little update. The car is scheduled to go into Dentin Autobody in Grimshaw for its work on Sept 30th, maybe two to three days to get it done..........


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