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Dec 27, 2009
1989 FX3 Z51 Coupe
Has anybody eyeballed the moulded carpets that Corvette Central or Zip Corvette sell? These are the ones with the high sides and rubber backing. They look good, but I'd like to know how well they fit. I have an '89 with badly frayed carpet on the drivers side left foot rest.

Bought a set from Eckler's last year and found them to be made of good materials with a nice colour match, molded well but poorly cut and ended up with the door panel pieces cut too small and a small gap by the seat belts. They may have a different supplier that Corvette Central or Zip Corvette. The sets are pricey so hang on to your wallet.
Oh, man I messed up here! I mean the moulded floor mats, not the carpet. Sorry 'bout that. The carpet is perfect but for 6 inches where you rest your left foot. The mats are a couple of hundred bucks as opposed to what, about five - six hundred for the whole set, pretty dear for floor mats.

Thanks for the reply just the same though.
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