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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
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Those of us who still have their Mom -- It's their special day.
A kind word, a phonecall, and card, a bouquet, or even just a hug and kiss are all well deserved today for our Moms.

To all the Moms out there, a Happy Mother's Day to you all.
God bless you all. You're very very special.

Colin and the rest of the Lines clan.


I took my mom for her first ride in the 'Vette today. Although it was a little hard for her to get in, she loved it. She never knew it was a targa-top, so we cruised home after a lovely brunch with the wind blowing through our hair.

LOL--when I stepped on it, she said "I feel like I'm going to roll back into the hatch area"!!

That made my day, because she was laughing the whole time and begging me to "be careful" because of the propensity for speed traps everywhere!

Man, what a great day! What a great Mom! I love you mom!
That is Awesome!!!! Great story! Not a day goes by I wish I couldn't take my mom for a spin in the Corvette. Treasure your moms as they could be gone before you know it. To all the moms out there, I hope you had a great day!!!! You deserve it!
True that, Riley.
I still have my Mom, and I'm very grateful for it......I see her as often as possible, usually every day while still possible.:D

I've said about my Dad many times what you've said about our Moms : enjoy them while you still can -- not only on Mom's day but every day.:D

God bless all Moms and Dads everywhere both here and departed.

I'm super blessed my birth mother passed away this spring at 98 yrs old but I have the women who nurtured and raised me (god bless her patients)

Sorry to hear about your birth Mom, Elf ..... God bless her and may she rest in peace.
Cool to hear you still have your foster Mom .. God bless her too Elf -- enjoy her every day. Moms here and departed are all so special.:D

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