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Apr 23, 2012

I just bought large bottles of Mobil1 synthetic oil for $32/jug at Crappy Tire. Price seems pretty darn good, so I that I would share online.

Get 'em while you can--it's getting close to the end of year oil changes for us all--and soon it's hibernation time.........:-(
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I was really only looking at it vis-a-vis the prices of the other synthetics.. I hear you though. And cynical? Surely! But warranted? Absolutely!

I should almost buy and hold oil like bars of silver......hehe.
I started my oil hoarding last year, I have two jugs sitting in my basement from a previous sale. Planning on changing the oil on Saturday in all the toys when it gets up to 13 degrees!
Buying oil instead of gold is a winner right now. Should have bought a tractor trailer load last year. Many years ago antifreeze got scarce and the price went through the roof. I know a wheeler dealer guy from that era and he knew where he could buy railway tanker cars full of antifreeze. It was a fabricated shortage. Had he been able to rent warehouse space, he was going to buy in bulk, bottle it and wholesale it for a big profit.
Might have to run and get a few. Not for my vette ( have 4 years of free changes ), but also use this for my 323i.

Before you put Mobile in your BMW, make sure you check if it meet oem spec. like BM229.5 or something like that. You will find the info in the owners manual. European cars use different formulation. I am pretty sure Mobile have a 5w40 Euro that will fit your 323.
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