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Dec 1, 2010
show and shine in happy valley in Moose Jaw on sat. july 21. $10 can't remember the charity, also a portable dyno for the hard core gearheads,($100) and a burnout competition. there is a website if u google it. i'm not an organizer just going to show up with a few friends.
guess what? i didn't make it. my sons bought tickets to the UFC 149 in Calgary for my birthday so thats where i ended up
what were the dates again? i'd like to go, but cp rail are being dicks about anyone taking a day off. hunter harrison is running the show and all our managers are trying to show how tuff they are to the staff. good thing i may only have 5 yrs left, i'm losing respect for these people.
Hi everyone,

Just a notice to be careful when parking your vehicle in MJ.

I was in MJ on Friday (2 days ago) and when I returned to my car I found a cigarette burning on the targa moon roof of my C4. Does anyone know where I can get a new moon roof?
Thanks. One day I will find a new roof.

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