Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51

Went to Red Deer with my dad to visit his brother. The Mega Mopar Action Series was on at Castrol and my Uncle wanted to race his 62 Belvedere wagon and I got the choice of what other car I wanted to take so I took this:


It's a 62 Dodge Polara 500. Very neat car. Pretty basic with a 361 push button car but nicely done... I realize now I should have taken more pictures...

The show was pretty good but small due to the high cost to get in and two other car shows happening around Edmonton. I still really enjoyed hearing the cars go down the track. That was worth the price of admission itself!

Here we are parked at Castrol


My Uncle's Friends unrestored 70 Cuda AAR


A 62 Dart, but this was a stripper. 1 of 214 Ram Chargers! And only 69 had 3-speed sticks. This is the only one with a stick and factory heater.



A 69 Road Runner


73? Duster with FI


69? Super Bee. Looked stock with skinny tires but ran 12.20!

Found some really good stuff though. :D

67 Beaumont


70ish Camaro


And a '64 Corvette. I didn't talk to the owner very long as he was busy but this was actually made from a Corvette and it ran a 6.20! Fastest pass of the day.



Really should have taken more pics now that I think about it but snapped a fun one of the rail cars. LOOOOOOOUD!

Now that's a good reason to miss the cruise. Weather was great throughout Alberta. Looks like there was some interesting cars at that meet! did you guys drive the cars out or trailer them?
The cars were driven out as we only started in Red Deer. The 70 Cuda was trailered out as it came from a little further away. I wish I would have taken more pictures!!!! Well, lesson learned for next time as there were quite a few nice Mopars on the track.

The weather was awesome and if I had anything to complain about it would have been for a little bit of a breeze to cool things down but it was just awesome being there and hearing the horsepower drive up to and go down the track.

My Uncles car started off as an ambulance in a small town in Saskatchewan. He did a full resto on it and put in a 440 with a built 727. It's black with a full had three rows of bench seats when he bought it but I think he left the last row out. My dad designed the black and silver paint scheme to loosely replicate the paint schemes of the 60's. It has A/C and a stereo so it's not a full drag car but one that's pretty quick yet comfortable to drive. I'm not sure of the hp numbers as he hasn't had it dyno'd so there isn't too much to tell on that end of things. I never did ask where the 440 came from and haven't really thought about it. Maybe I'll dig for more deets the next time I see him. However, I do know that it has carried approximately 3,785 bags of groceries. :D

At the track, for some reason the wagon had a wicked bog off the line and lost all power 2/3rds of the way down the track so he just couldn't get it going....however, he made it past round two as the other guy red lighted. :D But since the car wasn't running right, that was it for the day.
Great stuff Riley !

I have a soft spot for the MoPars ...My Dad wouldn't even ride In a car if it wasn't a Chrysler ! I guess a bit of it rubbed off on me ...although I won't trade my Vette for one ! :canada:
The push button transmission is pretty unique. Funny that it didn't stick around and everything went to a column or floor shifter. I wonder why? I think the push button is way nicer looking than those options?

On a side note, watching the drags. The two surprises were a Jeep SRT8 that was pulling consistent 11.85 times and not so surprising but more hilarious is that the big bad 2014 Challenger 392 could only muster a 14.4's. That is slow and it didn't seem like the guys wasn't trying. Weird. I know it's not really apples to apples but a friend pulled a 12.6 in his stock 02 Z06 a few years back at the local track and I figured all the new pony cars would give his car a run for the money. If I bought the fastest Challenger available and it only ran 14's, I would be embarrassed. :D

The new Challengers are still nice cars. I just thought they would have a little more zip... This one must have just been driver error or something though as it should be able to hit the 12's but the fastest time I saw a newer Challenger post was a 13.50.
MoparFest at New Hamburg (just west of Kitchener) this weekend Riley.....I'll bet some of those cars are at that meet this weekend also.
Terry and I are going for a few hours around midday Sunday. They say it's one of the largest in North America.

Moparfest - Canada's largest all Mopar car show!

First trip to the Indy nationals in '69 was in a '62 Dodge p/button 313.......later we modded it for dragging and transplanted a 413 into it. Fun times.

Leeann and I had a nice Viper ACR pull up beside us on the expressway as we were driving to Wellesley. Sounded so mean and had a menacing sound. Saw some really nice Mopars going the opposite direction.

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Leeann and I had a nice Viper ACR pull up beside us on the expressway as we were driving to Wellesley. Sounded so mean and had a menacing sound. Saw some really nice Mopars going the opposite direction.

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You tied up tomorrow Justin? If you want to come along we're headed out about 10 from Hespeler and should be at the expressway hwy 7&8 about 10:15'ish.

I would have loved to, but Leeann and I are in the process of getting our place ready to sell. We were in Wellesley yesterday looking at houses. Lol! Thanks for the invite. It's such a great car show.

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That sounds like a fantastic show Colin!!!! Did you take any pics? You can post them here or on a new thread. Funny that all I ever heard of were 318's, 340's, 360's, 383's, 440's and of course 426's in both hemi and non-hemi configurations. I never heard of a 361 before or knew about the 413's until seeing that Dart at the show. Pretty cool stuff to learn about.
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