Mar 29, 2014
Vero Beach, FL (was Brampton ON)
2014 Z51 M7 Coupe
I didn't see this posted anywhere.

I was going through my emails to do some purging and came across Spring Mountain email.

Spring Mountain, in conjunction with Chevrolet and Michelin, are excited to announce a new entry-level Corvette race series. The Michelin Corvette Challenge is designed to provide entrants a controlled and cost effective way to share in Corvette’s rich, racing heritage. We start with a 2016 Z51 Corvette Stingray, add track-developed Chevrolet Performance parts and Michelin racing slicks to create a fun, fast and exciting track-car that remains street legal when on street tires. Next, we add an incredible facility - Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club - with over 6 miles of race track and multiple configurations designed to inspire the Corvette racer in YOU!

So anyone out there with a spare US$100-120K ( my guess at this time ) or has a company that could finance/sponsor it, looks like it would be a blast.

And the car is yours in the end!
Interesting race series Mike. I guess in the grand scheme of things it really is not all that expensive. It would be tough for a Canadian competitor based on the value of the Canadian $. The travel would be expensive as well. However the fun factor might just be well worth the investment.

Thanks for sharing the link.
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