Feb 24, 2009
hi all just decided to create a thread for new people. I just recently aquired my dream car last fall <76 stingray deep blue>. (one of my goals in life done) i wanted to see who else is out there in saskatoon and area and maybe when the next meeting is gonna go down. Also i live in the wrong province/country for this car hehe i wanna drive it 24/7 *sigh* instead of 2-3 months out of the year *shakes fist at snow* anywho i hope to hear from you guys!

Hey justin

Well my friend you are in luck, we have a great group in saskatoon, about 20 and growing all the time and we are very active we meet every Thursday night usually at 6:30 for some wings and beer.

I think(and i am sure i will be corrected if I am wrong) but this week we will be meeting at the Fox & Hound at 6:30.

I would absolutly say you should join us if it fits in to your schedule!

Little do you now that this site was started by Saskatoonians and it spawned from our old forum for the 306 crowd. Soon as it is nice the meetings will be outside with the cars, usually on 8th by the DQ. Heres to global warming happening in 3... 2... 1..., Damn didn't work.

Owned my car (Red 73) for almost 3 Years and will always love it.

ya i found the old forums and someone said to link canadiancorvette to google.. and thus here i am! 8th street dq eh.. lots of people seem to show up there.... always see the racing bikes and odds and ends trucks in there. cant wait till summer arg get the bike and the vette out!
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